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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bill Richardson - Top Tier Diplomat

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson is no stranger to big league politics. He is a second tier candidate with a first tier reputation. Indeed, Richardson easily boasts the most impressive resume of any of the leading candidates, republicans and democrats alike.

Bill Richardson, current governor of New Mexico, has gone “toe to toe” with some of the worlds toughest characters , including former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. He has long been respected as a strong diplomat and often served as hostage negotiator during times of crisis. Bill Richardson is unusual, as he is guided by sound judgment, and pragmatism, rather than the ‘shoot from the hip’, kill ‘em all attitude so prevalent within the Bush administration.

America deserves honesty and transparency, neither of which has been demonstrated with any veracity by Bush and his cronies. Richardson brings diversity and a keen understanding to his presidential bid. If Governor Richardson should win the nomination and become this nations’ next president, rest assured, this shameful period of US unilateral paranoia will come to an end.

Bill Richardson represents an opportunity for America to elect a responsible voice of authority. He has remained firm in his disdain for further US occupation of Iraq. He has not flip-flopped, nor does he change his reasoning with each passing season. Richardson knows the US can only succeed in the Middle East through diplomacy. He knows the only way to stabilize Iraq is to withdraw all US troops from the region.

Bill Richardson deserves to be taken seriously, as a US presidential hopeful and as a future world leader. Indeed, if US presidents were elected based on their diplomatic qualifications, Bill Richardson would win by a landslide.

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

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