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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Throw Out The Trash

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B. Thomas Cooper

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It’s time to kick the trash to the curb.

I’m referring to the corrupt Republicans who currently control both the House of Representatives and the US Senate. The situation has become increasingly untenable. The stench of corruption and incompetence hangs heavy in the atmosphere. The answer is simple. When the trash begins to stink, it’s time to throw it out.

Of course, there are plenty of bad actors in the Democratic party, but they cannot be held to blame for the Bush administrations obvious manipulation of Pre-war intelligence, nor the subsequent parade of failures
both at home and abroad. According to the governments own reports, George Bush’s illegal, immoral invasion of Iraq has already cost America the lives of over three thousand soldiers, and has increased the threat of terrorism on the home front, yet Bush continues to do what he does best… he lies about it.

Bush insisted Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, even after weapons experts determined to the contrary. Bush blames bad intelligence sources.

Bush claimed Saddam Hussein was attempting to procure “Yellow Cake”, but in fact, he wasn’t.
Again, Bush blamed everyone but his administration for the false information.

Bush claimed he spoke directly with God prior to the invasion of Iraq, and that God assured him the US would suffer no casualties as a result of the invasion. I suppose God must have provided Bush with bad intelligence. Would God lie to George Bush.?

Well, one thing is certain, US forces have suffered countless casualties in Iraq. Our soldiers on the ground are dropping as fast as we can count them.

So what next?
Americans aren’t ready for failure, but what are the options?

We can do as the Bush administration insists, and “stay the course”. The US has already lost more lives in Iraq and Afghanistan than on 9/11. What’s a few thousand more? We could “cut and run”, but that would embolden the enemy, an enemy that has clearly whupped our sorry ass. We could turn Iraq over to the Iraqi government, but we would leave them ill prepared to deal with the current crisis.

Face the facts, kiddies.
This is our own fault. We cannot blame our foolishness on a handful of dead hijackers. Our willingness to accept the lies and transgressions of the most corrupt administration in US history is a weakness we as Americans must now face, and rest assured, we have not seen the worst of it. Failure in Iraq is not an option. It’s a fact!

So what’s the solution?
For starters, we can kick the trash to the curb.

B. Thomas Cooper
National Newswire

Friday, September 22, 2006

Iraq “Completely Out Of Hand”

National Newswire
B. Thomas Cooper

As the conflict in Iraq disintegrates from an insurgency into all out civil war, the US military reports the security situation on the ground has become increasingly violent. A recent UN report shows Iraq is now deadlier than ever, with 6599 Iraqis dying violently in the last two months alone, an increase of more than 700 from the previous two months.

Gen. George Casey acknowledged Thursday that security in Iraq is becoming more difficult, saying Iraqi leaders must agree on key issues if progress is to be made.
“We’re starting to see this conflict here transition from an insurgency against us to a struggle for the division of political and economic power among the Iraqis,” Casey told the Associated Press.

Meanwhile torture in Iraq is "completely out of hand" and could now be worse than under the tyrannical regime of Saddam Hussein, a United Nations human rights investigator reported last night. This bodes poorly for the entire region, as many Iraqis are beginning to lose hope. Over a quarter of a million refugees have already fled the country.

In Baghdad, 38 more bodies have been recovered, after being dragged out of their homes and murdered by death squads roaming the streets. Attacks on coalition soldiers are also on the rise. According to numbers posted at, the combined losses of the U.S. military has surpassed 3,000 as a result of operations related to the current war on terror, a war that has so far proven to be the bane of the Bush administration.

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