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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bill Richardson - Top Tier Diplomat

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson is no stranger to big league politics. He is a second tier candidate with a first tier reputation. Indeed, Richardson easily boasts the most impressive resume of any of the leading candidates, republicans and democrats alike.

Bill Richardson, current governor of New Mexico, has gone “toe to toe” with some of the worlds toughest characters , including former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. He has long been respected as a strong diplomat and often served as hostage negotiator during times of crisis. Bill Richardson is unusual, as he is guided by sound judgment, and pragmatism, rather than the ‘shoot from the hip’, kill ‘em all attitude so prevalent within the Bush administration.

America deserves honesty and transparency, neither of which has been demonstrated with any veracity by Bush and his cronies. Richardson brings diversity and a keen understanding to his presidential bid. If Governor Richardson should win the nomination and become this nations’ next president, rest assured, this shameful period of US unilateral paranoia will come to an end.

Bill Richardson represents an opportunity for America to elect a responsible voice of authority. He has remained firm in his disdain for further US occupation of Iraq. He has not flip-flopped, nor does he change his reasoning with each passing season. Richardson knows the US can only succeed in the Middle East through diplomacy. He knows the only way to stabilize Iraq is to withdraw all US troops from the region.

Bill Richardson deserves to be taken seriously, as a US presidential hopeful and as a future world leader. Indeed, if US presidents were elected based on their diplomatic qualifications, Bill Richardson would win by a landslide.

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

Saturday, July 14, 2007

All Bush is Saying is Give War a Chance

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

Is it too much to ask?

Come on America, the surge hasn’t even had a fighting chance. Let’s support our troops regardless of their sheer number. Why are there still Americans unwilling to listen to the commander in chief when he warns of impending peril? Certainly they don’t take him on his record, as he can’t be blamed for every lie that originates from his office. Other people lie too, you know. Maybe some-one in the White House “outed” Valerie Plame, but gee, why lay the blame at Bush’s doorstep?

It’s just so tragic and irresponsible to question the motives of the commander and chief when he sends our children off to die on foreign soil. He knows what he is doing, and he would love to explain it to us, but alas, such revelations would violate national security, which in turn would only encourage terrorists who hate freedom and the American way.

After all, wouldn’t it be wiser to fight them over “there” so we don’t have to fight them over “here”? Isn’t it obvious to everyone by now that Fargo North Dakota will not be safe until Al Qaeda have been driven from Haifa street?
Oh the perilisms…the sheer perfunctory of it all.

Go fish!

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Al Qaeda 2.0

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

I struggled with what to title this article. I wanted something snappy, of course. Something that would conjure up images of just how tragically absurd this whole so called "war against terror" has become.

May I remind you, the US military entered Iraq to confiscate weapons of mass destruction which did not exist. Then the focus became the capture of the ever so evil Saddam Hussein, followed by the spread of democracy throughout the middle East, followed by the eradication of Al Qaeda, who in fact, were not even in Iraq prior to the invasion. Oh, and that smoking mushroom cloud you were promised? That turned out to be a bunch of cons spinning their wheels. A bunch of neo-cons, to be specific.

So now we hear Al Qaeda has regrouped and is stronger than ever. So much for the most recent excuse for the invasion, the one where we are fighting them there so we won’t have to fight them here. What a pathetic joke, my friends. Someone should do the math, as it has become abundantly clear it would be considerably cheaper in treasure and sacrifice if we let them cover the costs of their own logistical nightmares. Why are we fighting these guys on their home turf?

Obviously, we wouldn’t want the US military to trash our towns they way they have trashed those in Iraq. Reconstruction, my ass! Show me one new Starbucks anywhere in Iraq. It’s not happening folks. It’s all smoke, and more smoke.

I tossed around a handful of titles for this article. You know, stuff like, Son of Al, The Return of Al, Bride of Al Zilla, etc. (Salmon Rushdie, take notes). All sounded appropriately satirical, but it’s hard to say, really. Article titles can be so slippery at times. For now, let’s just stick with the facts…
We are in a mess we can’t get out of, and that ain't Santa comin' to town! And if that ain't bad enough, when they do finally arrive on US shores, there will be no-one home to stop them. Our military is caught up in a quagmire in the middle East.

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

Monday, July 09, 2007

Libby Skirts Justice

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

Scooter Libby should be in prison this morning. Only an absolute fool would defend or support the transgressions of the current administration. Those who continue to do so are as bad as Hitler himself!. It is neither noble nor patriotic to guard the door while the fox raids the hen-house.

For those of you with the audacity to write about the news without first learning the facts, Scooter Libby was never charged with outing Valerie Plame. He was charged with obstructing justice, lying to the FBI and lying to a grand jury, all of which he was found guilty. Outing a covert CIA agent and obstructing justice are different crimes, in this case committed by different people. Unfortunately, many people have very little respect or understanding of law.

Libby was found guilty and sentenced to prison by a fair and honest jury of his peers. The courts decision was then subverted by the most corrupt administration in the history of this formerly great country. Libby belongs in prison. He is a criminal. Denial, a staple of the republican pathos, changes nothing.

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor