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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Al Qaeda 2.0

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

I struggled with what to title this article. I wanted something snappy, of course. Something that would conjure up images of just how tragically absurd this whole so called "war against terror" has become.

May I remind you, the US military entered Iraq to confiscate weapons of mass destruction which did not exist. Then the focus became the capture of the ever so evil Saddam Hussein, followed by the spread of democracy throughout the middle East, followed by the eradication of Al Qaeda, who in fact, were not even in Iraq prior to the invasion. Oh, and that smoking mushroom cloud you were promised? That turned out to be a bunch of cons spinning their wheels. A bunch of neo-cons, to be specific.

So now we hear Al Qaeda has regrouped and is stronger than ever. So much for the most recent excuse for the invasion, the one where we are fighting them there so we won’t have to fight them here. What a pathetic joke, my friends. Someone should do the math, as it has become abundantly clear it would be considerably cheaper in treasure and sacrifice if we let them cover the costs of their own logistical nightmares. Why are we fighting these guys on their home turf?

Obviously, we wouldn’t want the US military to trash our towns they way they have trashed those in Iraq. Reconstruction, my ass! Show me one new Starbucks anywhere in Iraq. It’s not happening folks. It’s all smoke, and more smoke.

I tossed around a handful of titles for this article. You know, stuff like, Son of Al, The Return of Al, Bride of Al Zilla, etc. (Salmon Rushdie, take notes). All sounded appropriately satirical, but it’s hard to say, really. Article titles can be so slippery at times. For now, let’s just stick with the facts…
We are in a mess we can’t get out of, and that ain't Santa comin' to town! And if that ain't bad enough, when they do finally arrive on US shores, there will be no-one home to stop them. Our military is caught up in a quagmire in the middle East.

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

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