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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Too Late to Save a Drowned Witch

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor


Gather ‘round, my fellow pontificators. We need to have ourselves a little ‘group think’. All this talk about surges and build-up, and pulling out. So much posturing tends to wear a man down. My thoughts are swimming in a quagmire of confusion.

I am referring of course, to the so called ‘troop surge’ designed to re-enforce the coalition of the remaining. The answer is as vague as the question. Is it too late to admit America invaded Iraq on false premise? Is it too late for Americans to jettison arrogance and ignorance in favor of common sense and compassion?

I'll not mince words when lives are in peril. Only an absolute fool would continue to defend or support the transgressions of the Bush administration. George W. Bush is a war criminal. He should be held accountable for his crimes, just as Saddam Hussein was held accountable for his. Those who insist on prolonging this pathetic delusion of self righteousness are adrift in denial. It is neither noble, nor patriotic to guard the door whilst the fox raids the henhouse.

Is it too late to do the right thing? Is it too early to admit the US has created a far worse situation in the Middle East with no foreseeable way out? Is it too early to demonstrate contrition, or is that word even a part of the vocabulary?

One nation, under God'? In light of US transgressions abroad, is it even appropriate for Americans to banter about such hollow propaganda? There are in fact, more questions than answers, as it is always easier to perpetuate a problem than it is to solve one.

So let me see if I actually understand the question. Is it too early to bring home the living while they are still alive? Or is it already too late for those troops thrust unjustly into an un-winnable conflict?

As I write, news is breaking of a possible car bomb explosion within the Green Zone in central Baghdad. Of course, there's nothing new' about such attacks. People continue to die every day in Iraq, and yes, some are Americans. Unfortunately, the situation will become much worse before it can be expected to get any better. That is simply the nature of warfare. Yes, US troop fatalities dropped during the month of July, but civilian fatalities rose sharply.

So then, is total withdrawal of allied forces the only logical way out? Perhaps. Then again, perhaps we should be asking those who have already lost their lives. They are the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice as a result of the ultimate lie. How many more witches must we drown before we drag ourselves from the dark ages?

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

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