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Saturday, April 14, 2007

US Marines Slaughter Civilians During Shooting Rampage

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

Afghan human rights groups are denouncing the conduct of US marines following the indiscriminate, cold-blooded massacre of innocent civilians along a 10-mile stretch of highway in Nangahar province. The dead include a one year old boy, a four year old girl and three women.

In a newly released report, the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission states:

"In failing to distinguish between civilians and legitimate military targets the U.S. Marines Corps Special Forces employed indiscriminate force. Their actions thus constitute a serious violation of international humanitarian law standards."

The commission based its report on interviews with victims and their families, witnesses, local community leaders, hospital officials and police.

Additionally, a U.S. military commander has determined the Marines may indeed have used excessive force and has referred the case for possible criminal inquiry, according to a senior U.S. defense official.

The rampage resulted in 12 deaths and another 35 injured. The marines involved apparently snapped after a van rigged with explosives crashed into their convoy.

War is for the very stupid.

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

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