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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Confronting the Violent Truth

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

Early Monday morning
, an emotionally disturbed student brandishing two handguns methodically shot and killed thirty-two of his fellow students at Virginia Tech before turning one of the guns on himself. It is believed to be the worst shooting spree in US history, and president George W. Bush expressed deep sadness.

Meanwhile in Baghdad…
On Wednesday, four separate car bombs detonated throughout the city, killing at least 190 persons, and injuring dozens more. George had no comment.

However, it was the same George W. Bush who recently claimed violence was decreasing throughout Baghdad, further suggesting the drop in violence was the result of his so called “troop surge”.

What Bush doesn’t mention
is the fact that prior to the invasion of Iraq, Baghdad had a lower violent crime rate than Washington DC, our nations capital, and a stones throw from Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech
A nation mourns the loss of thirty-two promising lives. Make that thirty-three. The flag of our nation has been lowered in their honor. We are grief stricken.

Citizens clean up after a day in which 190 persons died violently in the streets. This particular day was unusually deadly for Iraqis. The average daily death count in Baghdad is around one hundred. But 190 in one day? Why, that’s nearly six times the single worst shooting massacre in US history.

Forgive me
, as it is not my intent to marginalize the loss suffered by so many as a result of the Virginia Tech massacre. It was a terrible event, and it has effected every American.

But how can we still be clinging to the notion that we have somehow improved the quality of life for the average Iraqi?

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

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