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Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Troubled Presidency of George W. Bush

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

The troubled presidency of George W. Bush will expire in January of 2009. He will not be returning.

His legacy will be that of an ignorant and dangerously self centered warmonger who brought shame and disgrace upon this once great nation of ours. It will take decades to undo the damage. Only an absolute fool would continue to support or defend the transgressions of this administration. It is a terrible, terrible thing George W. Bush has done to America.

The next president, whether Democrat or Republican, male or female, black or white, will face the extraordinary task of salvaging our nation. The current administration began with a surplus, but has driven the federal government to the very brink of bankruptcy. Our military is on the verge of collapse. Our soldiers are languishing in a quagmire both at home and on the battle front.

The so called “surge” has proven to be nothing more than replacement troops for the ever shrinking “coalition of the willing”. Apparently, their ‘will’ to participate in an unjust war has vanished, leaving the US to go it virtually alone. Failure in Iraq is not an option… it’s a fact.

George W. Bush is akin to a malignant tumor that needs to be removed sooner rather than later, and impeachment is still an option. Unfortunately, like any cancer, the very real fear is that it may already be too late. The cancer that is the Bush administration may have already destroyed the host…
The United States of America

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

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