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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Truth about Cheney

National Newswire
B. Thomas Cooper

Vice President Dick Cheney has long been a leading advocate for the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and has never been one to allow the truth, or for that matter, the law to stand in his way.

Cheney CT01

Cheney resides in a world of his own design, devoid of reality. He continued to propagate lies about weapons of mass destruction, long after it became obvious none would be found.

He shrugs off polls concluding most Americans no longer believe Iraq is central to the war against terror. Indeed, as far back as May of 2005, Cheney was still claiming the Iraq insurgency was "in its last throes."

Dick Cheney is not a stupid man.

It would be foolish to assume the Vice President was simply mistaken, or misinformed. Which leads one to ask, what would compel Mr. Cheney to look Americans in the eye and lie straight to our faces, while thousands of our bravest men and women are being cut down?

Money? Power? Oil?

Cowards will tell you 9/11 changed everything, that we must protect the homeland from further attacks. Why then have we caused the deaths of over 655,000 Iraqis, when there were no Iraqis involved in the 9/11 hijackings? How does this protect the homeland?

The truth is quite obvious. Vice President Dick Cheney is a war profiteer.

It’s not much of a stretch, really. We’re mostly adults around here. I think it’s a rather obvious conclusion, with his connections to Halliburton and what not. Why else would the Vice President yawn while our children are dying? The man has money on his mind.

Oh, I suppose I could be wrong, but I doubt it. A tangible answer is subjective at best, so let’s just let it go at that, shall we…

Or not.


Frankly, the Vice President did not want you to see what he and his cronies were up to behind locked doors during March of 2001. In fact, Cheney went to great lengths to assure you wouldn’t find out. Fortunately, the GAO was able to persuade a judge to force the release of a handful of these documents, and what we learned is disturbing.

With less than two weeks until mid-term elections, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt for you to have a gander at these documents yourself. I must warn you, they are as real as they are disturbing. I have included links to the pdf's below. Have a look for yourself, and arrive at your own conclusions.







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National Newswire

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