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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gitmo Prisoner Abuse Continues

National Newswire
Editorial Commentary by
B. Thomas Cooper
Editor in Chief

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President George W. Bush says the US does not conduct acts of rendition, but of course, it does. It has repeatedly been caught red handed. Bush knows his assertions are untrue. He cares not. He is a blatant liar.

George Bush denies any knowledge of detainee abuse by US soldiers, but he knows. Damn straight he knows. He simply has no respect for the truth.

George W. Bush also knows that thousands of innocent people are dying for all the wrong reasons, but he simply doesn’t care. He has always been willing to murder anyone who stands between him and his twisted ideals, and nothing has changed except the number of dead that lie in his wake.

Only an absolute fool would defend or support the transgressions of the current administration. The Bush legacy will be measured in spilled blood.
He has isolated the US from the rest of the world. We are now the bane of the international community. We are the wolf at the door.

Reports of detainee abuse at Gitmo continue to surface. A Marine who recently visited the Guantanamo Bay detention center alleges guards at the prison bragged about routinely abusing prisoners. One guard admitted to intentionally slamming a cell door on a detainees head.

In truth, countless US and international laws are being ignored. Human rights violations have become systemic. With no clear exit strategy, US troops in Iraq have become disillusioned and desperate. We are witness to America's darkest hour.

Bush and his cronies continue to insist that it’s all about protecting the homeland. He claims we are taking the fight to the terrorists before they can bring it to us. He admittedly doesn’t even know who or where they are, but he’s determined to kill them anyway. It’s all in the pursuit of freedom and justice…

nod, nod… wink, wink

National Newswire

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