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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Foley Sex Scandal Shakes Washington

National Newswire
B. Thomas Cooper

Washington’s latest scandal has shaken the faith of many key figures within the Republican party and throughout the nation’s capitol in general. With mid term elections approaching rapidly, the last thing Congress needed was another scandal. Lately, Washington has played host to an endless parade of disasters, most of their own making. We as voters have been left with the following conclusion. Those currently in control are either hopelessly corrupt or hopelessly inept. In either case, the current situation is hopeless. If voters expect real change in Washington, we must first drain the tainted blood, lest it poison the new.

Congress is full of old men behaving badly. As for this latest scandal, you won’t learn anything new about it from me, as I care not to venture too close to the lurid details. I’ll leave that to others in this profession. Those who revel in such. Frankly, I doubt this will be the last scandal that breaks before the mid term elections. In Washington, there is always something simmering on a backburner somewhere, and rest assured, where there’s smoke, there’s some congressman attempting to cover it up.

A word to the wise.

If I were a gay Republican, I would be alarmed by how easily the Republican party was able to turn on me like a pack of dogs. Indeed, like a stampede of frightened elephants.

The mid term elections are just around the corner. Do the right thing, people, vote often and vote loud. The free world will be listenig.

I am B. Thomas Cooper,
and I thank you for joining me

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