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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

GOP Convention Analisys: Night of the Living Dead

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

Is it just me, or has the Republican party gone ‘Full Retard’?

I’m mean, honestly folks, how much seemlier and pathetic can they get? Personally, I wasn’t expecting much from the Republican National Convention to begin with, as obviously, McCain was never their choice. John McCain has railroaded the Republican party, and the neo-cons (ultra-cons) are none too happy about it.

B. Thomas Cooper
B. Thomas Cooper

And then there’s the issue of Sara Palin, whose choice as running mate was all too clever by half, if I may say so myself. This lady is one scandal after another, just waiting to blow up. October surprise? Just give it time. I know who the editors at National Inquirer will be pulling the lever for.

Oh, and did you catch the remark by Laura Bush suggesting being governor of Alaska qualifies as foreign policy experience, due to it’s proximity with Russia? Is she really that dumb, or is she just desperate and delusional? Either way, it’s one of those crazy remarks that will stand through the ages.

President Bush himself was relegated to an appearance as scorned puppet-master. (Pay no attention to the man behind the mess.) Boy, was his appearance weird, or what? He could have been calling in from the Prague.

Thompson, who should have been a much stronger orator, struggled throughout his speech, choking, and stuttering and stammering his way through his lines. His rhetoric was filled with the kind of make believe scenarios one associates with the movies... like who would win a fight between Batman and Rocky Balboa. Should we feign surprise?

And then there was the jingoistic, nationalism that sounded much more like Hitler than Thomas Jefferson. The Republicans want you to believe it’s patriotic to feed our young men and women to the war machine. They showed no regret for the needless loss of life and limb.

As for that smarmy little traitor, Benedict Lieberman, he came off as only caring about continued war funding, the staple of the economy in Cunnecticut. The Republicans don’t trust him, and his speech changed nothing. They all know damn well he’d turn on the GOP as quickly as he turned on the Democrats. He has no party loyalty, and no, he is not a patriot… he is a bloodthirsty warmonger of the worst kind. He’d stab his own mother in the back if he thought she’d bleed oil.

And this, all before Republican mouth-pieces Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy were caught off camera, but with a live microphone, sounding somewhat less than optimistic about the election. (View clip below).

Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy caught on open mic

So far, the Republican convention has not been a pretty scene, nor has it been well received. At least from my vantage point, it doesn’t appear the Republican base is at all prepared to move forward. Full retard, indeed! Will the last out the door, please turn off the lights as you leave?

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

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