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Friday, January 05, 2007

George W. Bush, a Legacy of Lies

National Newswire
B. Thomas Cooper

Go ahead, admit it.
The manner in which George W. Bush has conducted his administration during the past six years has been nothing less than shocking. I doubt anyone, including myself, could have predicted the level of arrogance and hubris demonstrated by these individuals. Good ol’ boys, indeed! Good-fellas is more like it!

And that’s just for starters. No other administration in our nations history comes even remotely close to the shear volume of shameless, unrepentant lies, as those foisted upon the American populace by George Bush and his cronies. When it comes to dishonesty, this administration takes the cake, and then lies about it.

Unfortunately, far too many Americans are still willing to turn a blind eye, having chosen to either ignore the lies entirely, or write them off as business as usual. There-in lies the rub. Perhaps the endless parade of disinformation streaming from the oval office is, as some insist, business as usual, but it most certainly shouldn’t be tolerated, nor should it be ignored.

Wake up, America!
The Bush administration has serious integrity issues. These guys would lie about the weather. In fact, they already have. Just ask one of them about global warming.

And the lies just keep rolling in. Try typing “George Bush” and “Lies” into Google, and see what you get. The results are staggering. Yes, every administration buries it’s folly under a mountain of untruth, but presidential scholars have concluded no other administration in US history has ever told so many obvious whoppers with such blatant disregard for the ramifications.

These are not little white lies, mind you. I can’t help but believe there is a substantial difference between a semen stain on a dress, and bloodstains on a flag draped coffin. Bush apparently sees no such distinction.

George Bush still claims we invaded Iraq for all the right reasons, although those reasons have now changed. He claims leaving Iraq too soon will only embolden the enemy, an enemy who’s country George W. Bush invaded, and destroyed. He claims the media isn’t showing the progress in Iraq, but I have yet to see a new Starbucks open in Baghdad. Take a good look at the carnage, my friends. If that is reconstruction in progress, then I must be the Lindbergh baby.

Yes, George Bush claims a lot of things, many which simply aren’t true. His lies have already led to the untimely deaths of over three thousand Americans in uniform. Predictably, he claims their deaths are difficult for him.
He often talks of their sacrifice. He talks of meeting with the families of the fallen and how he feels their pain. And yet, I can’t help but wonder if it’s all just another lie.

National Newswire

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