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Friday, January 19, 2007

Barack Obama, the Anti-Bush

National Newswire
B. Thomas Cooper

Barack Obama is everything George Bush is not. He is good looking, he is brilliant, and yes he is multi-ethnic. More importantly, Mr. Obama is a man of great integrity, a candidate who will stand with the people, a far cry from the paranoid doom merchant currently occupying the oval office.

Can Obama capture the White House in 2008 the way he has captured the hearts of so many Americans in recent months? I think he can, and you never know… he just might.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Crawford Texas…

I am pleased to hear so many voices of late apposing the Bush administration’s blind arrogance, an arrogance which has already caused the loss of over three thousand American lives in Iraq.

Bush wants to feed more soldiers into the fire. A surge, as he prefers to call it, but a tragic sacrifice of lives and a monumental strategic disaster by any account. Bush simply doesn’t give a rats nickel. He is more concerned with winning a bad war than solving a bad problem. George Bush and his administration are not listening to America. They are not listening to reason.

The surge has already begun. More than three thousand additional troops shipped out before congress was ever notified. Bush is the decider, as he says. Like it or not, he has made his decision. He has decided to sacrifice more American lives in a last ditch attempt to save face. As they say, no-one likes a loser, and that is not how George W. Bush wishes to sail into history. A “Last chance to win in Iraq? Forget it George, that ship has sailed.

National Newswire

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