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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Hangs, Vatican Denounces Execution

National Newswire
B. Thomas Cooper

Just before dawn, Saddam Hussein was executed
by hanging
, having been found guilty of Crimes Against Humanity committed during his tumultuous reign as dictator of Iraq. It was the end for Saddam, but many fear his execution will only spark the beginning of even greater violence throughout the region.

The Vatican was quick in denouncing the execution, calling it "tragic, and reason for sadness." The Rev. Federico Lombardi added that executing Saddam "is not a way to reconstruct justice".

The Vatican's top prelate for justice issues, Cardinal Renato Martino also spoke out against the execution, saying executing Saddam would mean punishing "a crime with another crime."

In Baghdad, the hanging of Saddam has so far done little to quell the raging violence. At least fifty-five more people were killed today alone in two separate car bombings.

The US military has already lost 108 lives in Iraq during the first 29 days of December, making it the deadliest month for the war in 2006. As of this morning, the official US death count for the war in Iraq remains at 2,990.

National Newswire

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