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Friday, December 29, 2006

Condoleezza Rice, A Trail Of Failure

National Newswire
B. Thomas Cooper

For Condoleezza Rice, her first two years as Secretary of State have been nothing if not Catastrophic. The once rising star of the Bush administration has proven herself inept at a multitude of levels, unable to cope, let alone demonstrate even a modicum of palpable intellect or diplomacy. She has been an embarrassment to herself and the Bush administration.

Since Rice assumed the position January of 2005, the White House agenda to promote freedom and democracy worldwide has resulted in monumental failure. Under her watch, the crisis in the Middle East has been severely exacerbated. The US has already suffered the loss of nearly 3500 lives fighting an un-winnable war against an un-definable enemy, and any surge in US troops will only worsen the situation.

As for Condoleezza, her demeanor has gone from swagger to stammer. She has lost her confidence. She has lost her nerve.

It must be painful to watch helplessly as one’s reputation and credibility implode under scrutiny. Her jingoistic prediction of pending mushroom clouds were accepted as fact by millions of good Americans, and right about now, many of those same Americans feel deceived. Condi, true to form, has never publicly expressed remorse for the lies.

Condoleezza’s trail of failure runs long. Victories have been few and insignificant at best.
In nearly every notable instance, her style has led to deterioration in diplomatic relations.

North Korea, Iran, Syria, Lebanon; take your pick. All have seen their relationship with the US languish under the Bush administration. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has taken an ugly turn for the worse, while the ongoing genocide in Darfur has been all but ignored. The situation is grim.

I don’t foresee any real shift in administration policy as long as Bush remains in the White House. George W. Bush chose to be a war president. Indeed, war will be his legacy and failure his longest shadow. As Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice has contributed in no small way to the undoing of this administration. Hers is a trail of failure, a trail that can only lead to a dead end.

National Newswire

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