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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Zero to Torture in Six Seconds - Mancow Learns the Hard Way

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

Mancow Muller has a big mouth, and he’s proud of it! After all, talking is what this shock jock from Chicago does for a living. So it was a surprise, when after a mere six seconds, Mancow changed his tune about whether water-boarding is torture.

Mancow now admits he was in serious denial about the effects of water-boarding. Having experienced the banned torture technique first hand, he no longer compares it to swimming… he compares it to drowning. It is truly amazing how much about a man can change in six seconds.

"I thought I could hold out 30 seconds," quipped Mancow after being water-boarded. “ It was instantaneous. I don't want to say this. I do not wish to say this. Absolutely torture. Absolutely. That’s drowning.”

Of course, former ranking members of the Bush administration, including former vice-president Richard Cheney have maintained water-boarding is not torture, in spite of the obvious fact that it is in violation of US and international law.

Let this be a shot across the bow for those still in denial on the issue. Torture is reprehensible, no matter what semantic spin one may wish to adhere. Those who excuse or defend torture are equally reprehensible. The United States of America must rise above the temptation to commit such atrocities. We cannot allow our actions to be motivated by arrogance or cowardice, touchstones for the neo-conservative agenda.

Torture will not make Americans more safe. It will only put more lives at risk, regardless of race or religion. Ignorance begets ignorance. Just ask Mancow, he’ll tell you. One moment he was preparing to take a morning swim. Before he could say “bring it on”, he was drowning. "I wouldn't have done this, if I had known it was going to be this bad”, Mancow later stated.” I would not have done this."

It is neither noble nor patriotic to guard the door whilst the fox raids the henhouse. Water-boarding is torture, and it’s about time America stands up to it’s own crimes.

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

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