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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UK Admits Rendering Terror Suspects

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

After years of public denial
, Britain has now acknowledged what many have long suspected. The UK, in clear violation of international law, participated in acts of rendition on at least four separate occasions.

According to the Associated Press, on Thursday, Defense Secretary John Hutton admitted two terror suspects captured by U.K. troops in Iraq were “later transferred by the United States to Afghanistan.” His admission conflicts with previous statements by the government, which insisted there were no other cases of involvement in the banned practice other than two cases disclosed earlier.

"I regret that it is now clear that inaccurate information on this particular issue has been given to the House by my department," stated Hutton . "I must stress that this was based on the information available to ministers and those who were briefing them at the time."

This latest revelation is not apt to bode well with various human right’s groups demanding transparency from the UK government. The incident is certain to cast a negative light on Britain’s contribution to the war on terror.

The Bush administration initially denied committing acts of rendition, but in fact, shortly after 9/11, the US began rendering terror suspects to violent, lawless countries for interrogation, where suspects were routinely tortured in violation of international law.

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

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