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Monday, December 31, 2007

Tis the Season

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

Happy New Year!

I don’t generally accomplish much writing during the holidays. This year, unfortunately, has been no different. Even now, the interruptions are more than my limited concentration can handle.

This being the final day of 2007, I would like take a moment to thank my loyal readers. My readership has risen sharply during the last year or so, and of course, you are my readers. Thank you! There are millions of unread blogs and news commentaries drifting throughout the sarcophagus that is cyberspace. Thanks to my readers, I stay relevant.

I have many logs in the fire. Some will burn brightly, while others go down in flames. Others still will smolder on the back-burner. Perhaps 2008 will be the year I complete one of the handful of novels I'm currently working on. Several short stories are nearing completion as well.

I am also obligated to do some touring nest year, beginning in early April. I can almost assure it will be a busy year for me. Busy, busy, busy. Most of the touring will be music related, but I will also be expected to appear at a few lectures and what-not.

Go have a good time, and enjoy bringing in the new year, but by all means, please be safe. I’m going to stay home with my wife and her father. Nick, my assistant, will be here too. I doubt I’ll stay up late. I seldom do. In fact, I’ll be surprised if I hold out till midnight. I’ll be up bright and early however, I always am. Ready to greet the rising sun, and a brand new year.

See you on the up-side.
Oh, and again, happy holidays.

(B. Thomas Cooper)

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

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