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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is the Party Over for the GOP?

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

The Republican party has taken a headlong dive into the bowels of bombast.

No longer representative of American conservatism, the republicans have betrayed their core beliefs, running the US federal deficit into untold territory.
There is no looking back, no slow recovery. It is not to be.

John McCain - Reagan Republican
John McCain Breaks Out

Nor has the party been faithful to religious conservatives, without whom the cause would have been lost. Many voters went to the polls expecting the Bush administration to reverse Roe Vs. Wade, a promise made, but never kept. With so little time remaining on the clock, it is little wonder so many voters feel betrayed. They were.

Of course, the Republican party has long reveled in it’s lust for war, as conflict stokes the economy. There is nothing Republicans enjoy more than killing an innocent stranger in the name of commerce. It’s a party immersed in contradictions, a party on the wane.

Indeed, when elections roll around, we can expect more posturing and more absurd spending in the name of the conservative agenda. Some republicans will return to Washington, others will return from the swamp from whence they came. For others, both. Nothing outside of business as usual.

Forget weapons of mass destruction. Forget being greeted as liberators. Forget promises of war on the cheap. Blood is never cheap. Liberation does not come at the point of a gun.

On the other hand, words are often cheap, and promises worth even less.
What voters believe the GOP stands for, and the Republican Party’s real agenda are miles, if not light years apart. Another republican in the White House certainly will not bring about real change.

So as the Bush administration winds down, the Grand Old Party has very little to celebrate. The party is over, blood has spilt like wine, and somebody
has pilfered the pockets of the weary. It is time to clean up and carry the trash to the curb.

Will the last out the door please turn off the lights as you leave?

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

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