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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Conservatives Gone Wild

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

It has been the season of conservatives behaving badly
. Indeed, a long season at that. Every week, another outlandish story is breaking.

It all began with a cock-sure Washington lobbyist named Jack Abramson. Or was it Enron? At any rate, something set off a chain reaction within the republican community. Without any real warning, skeletons began emerging from closet after closet, until Sodom and Gomorrah began to resemble monks.

Scandals come and go. This current cycle of scandal, however, apparently attempted to outrun a freight train, and has been dragged beyond comprehension. Although devastated by repeated disasters, the carnage continues. Political suicide seems all the rage, with crazed republicans, like rats, leaping from a burning barge.

So should Larry Craig, latest poster child for Conservatives Gone Wild' resign? I would like to believe gays in Idaho deserve representation too! Unfortunately, I don't they can expect fair representation from Larry Craig.
Obviously, Craig has been less than forthcoming with America. I don't care about his particular sexual activities, but he has lost the confidence of his constituents. His words don't match his deeds.

Do you recall those silly playing cards the Bush administration passed around, featuring the faces of various bad guys? Well, the Bush administration has accumulated enough cards of their own to start a whole new deck... all jokers.

B. Thomas Cooper - Editor

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